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Highest Peaks of Central Asia

No. Name Other Name Elevation Country 1 Peak Pobeda Mount Tomur 7439 China-Kyrgyzstan 2 Khan Tengri Tengi Tag 7010 Kyrgyzstan -Kazakstan 3 Muzat I – 6955 China 4 Pshavela – 6918 China-Kyrgyzstan 5 Topografov – 6873 China-Kyrgyzstan 6 Rapasova – 6814 China-Kyrgyzstan 7 Drushby – 6800 China-Kyrgyzstan 8 Pobeda East Vostochnaya 6762 China-Kyrgyzstan 9 Neru…

List of the some of the mountain ranges in the country with their highest peaks

Range Length (in km) Width (in km) Highest peak Highest Point (m. a.s.l.) Average Height (m. a.s.l.) Koshaal Too 582 54 Pobeda (Victory Peak) 7439 4500 Chon Alai 250 40 Peak Lenin 7134 5460 Alai 350 20 Tandikul 5880 4450 Sari Jaz 93 16 Semyenov 5816 4700 Turkestan 300 30 Sabla 5621 4430 Terskey Ala…

Peak Pobeda

Peak Pobeda – Victory Peak Peak Pobeda, is one of three 7000-plus meter giants in Kyrgyzstan . At 7439 metres, it is the highest mountain in the Tien Shan range which straddles Kyrgyzstan , Kazakhstan and North-western China . The mountain lies in the Kokshaal Tau subrange (= “ Forbidding Mountains ”) of the Tien…

Peak Lenin

Peak Lenin in the Osh oblast lies on the border with Tajikistan – it rises to a height of 7134m and was the third highest mountain in the former Soviet Union, shaped something like a “high armchair”. The outline, however, is not always obvious because the summit is almost always covered in cloud – and…

Peak Khan Tengri

Khan Tengri: lies in the Issyk Kul oblast near the border with Kazakhstan . (The name is translated variously as “Prince of Spirits” or “Ruler of the Sky”) Until recently the summit was said to be 6995 m. a.s.l. but a recent survey announced that it is, in fact, 7010m – however some people treat…

Some other Kyrgyz Peaks

Some other peaks, most of these names will mean little except to experienced mountaineers, but these are some of the more famous peaks: Adynge: In the the Ala Archa national park, rising to 4393m – and the slopes provide trekking territory rather than mountaineering. Chapaev: 6371m – in the Central Tien Shan, Muztag massif. Corona…

Mountaineering Base Camps

There are a number of base camps for mountaineers, trekkers, and others which operate during July, August and the first part of September. The camps have facilities for accommodating expeditions and supporting ascents of the nearby peaks: tents, excellent food, showers, sauna, communication facilities (radio, satellite telephone, internet), and an experienced, skilled, enthusiatic and hospitable…

Lake Ala Kol

Ala Kol lake is on the popular trekking routes between Altyn-Arashan and the Karakol gorge at an altitude of 3532m.  It is often the first overnight stop on the route between Altyn Arashan to Djety Oguz, but it can be reached in a (long) day from either of the Alyn Arashan or Karakol valleys –…

Myortvoye Ozero – Salty Lake

Kyrgyzstan’s "Dead Sea" For most of the way, the road which runs around the southern shore of Lake Issyk Kul hugs the coast quite closely.  About 30km from Balykchy, however, if veers inland and at Bokonbaeva swings back northwards, towards the shoreline. About halfway alonog this stretch, just after the village of Kara Koo, there is a turnoff towards…


Mercury is the second most commonly found element in the Kyrgyz Republic.  Deposits are found in the form of a large belt, 5 kilometers deep, from the leilek river in the East to the Uzengikuch River in the West – stretching over 1000 km.  Mercury and Antimony is produced at a number of mines –…

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