Talas oblast


Talas oblast

Talas is located in the north-west. Kyrgyzskoy of the Republic. Takes Talas valley. It is bordered on the north-west of Ka stan, Uzbekistan to the west, south of Jalalabad in the east to the Chui region mi. Founded June 22, 1944, center – las That. In 1956-62 as part of the Frunze oblas ty, 1962-79 and 1988-90 is directly subordinate nyaetsya Republic, 1980-88 – Talas (in its composition came Toktogul district). 14 dekab series in 1990 restored again. The structure includes: Talas (district center. Keck-Oh), Bakai-Ata (p. Bakai-Ata), Kara-Buurinsky (s.Kyzyl-Adyr), Manas (p. Pokrovka) r-us, Talas , pgt Maimak, 35 Ail okmetyu and 90 rural populated areas of Comrade. The area of ​​11.4 km2 (5.7% of the country). The population of 199.9 thousand persons. (Ne of population censuses in 1999) is 4.1% of the population leniya republic.

Nature. Talas valley in its structure resembles a triangle with the NIJ peak in the east, and the Talas Kirghiz Ala-Too in the east of the mountain form a converging node of Ak-Suu. To the west the valley widens and the north-west. borders of the semi-deserts and deserts of the Turan lowland. Within the Talas valley and surrounding mountains are the following geomorphic systems: HYDRATED mountains, foothills, plains and plains. Learn more about what is web hosting.

Relief and Kyrgyzskogo Talas Ala-Too different complex structure. Mountain ridges are composed of Precambrian and you Paleozoic rocks. In the alpine zone forms miruyutsya structural denudation, in the mid-mountain and low hills structural-erosive types of terrain. In the foothills of the Talas Ala-Too in the Neogene and Paleogene rocks were formed tectonic, erosional and accumulative types of terrain – chapy, adyry. On the flat area on the alluvial shed trivial Quaternary rocks and steep slopes will form valis pologosklonnye Ravni HN.

Talas valley is located in a temperate climatic zone. Closure of the valley (ca Ruzhena mountain ranges), promotes the formation of complex terrain and dry continental climate orbital. Average July temperature is 15-25