Accommodation options have mushroomed all over Kyrgyzstan . In Bishkek the visitor can pick from the whole range, from a five-star Hyatt hotel to budget options and family stays. Osh and Naryn each have a comfortable modern hotel and Karakol has everything but, including a yurt camp-cum-campsite.

A number of “Yurt Inns” are appearing in some regions. They normally consist of a cluster of yurts offering dormitory-style accommodation in beds, a yurt kitchen, a separate toilet and non-private washing facilities.


The cheapest and a very congenial option is food and lodging offered in private homes in villages, and yurts on summer pastures. They are not professional tourism workers but communities of Kyrgyz farmers and villages. Homestay offers a great way for visitors to meet local Kyrgyz families and learn about their lives.