Weights and Measures: Metric

Electricity supply: 220 volts / 50 Hz – round two-pin continental plugs

Camping Gas: Available in Bishkek

IDD Country Code: Kyrgyzstan: 996

Bishkek: 312; Osh 3222; Karakol: 3922; Naryn: 3522 Cholpon Ata: 3943

Mobile Phones: Coverage extends around the main cities but not into the more mountainous regions.

Emergency Telephone No: Fire: 101; Police: 102; Ambulance: 103

Post: Post Offices are found in all main towns.

Courier services (DHL, FedEx, UPS, OCS etc.) are available in Bishkek.

Internet Access: Internet Cafes can be found in most of the main towns

Naryn oblast

  The region is located in the south-east of Kyrgyzstan, was first established November 21, 1939, entitled Tien-Shan region. December 30, 1962 the area was disbanded and its districts of…

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Council of the Federation of Trade Unions

The first professional organization of one hundred is created in the south of the country in the mines of Kyzyl-Kiya, Tash-Kumyr since 1898. Severe life nennye conditions and poverty of…

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The climatic conditions of Kyrgyzstan is determined by its geographical position. Most of the territory of the republic is located in the temperate zone, the southern. areas are located in…

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In Kyrgyzstan, announced to raise money for a monument to Manas

Residents of Kyrgyzstan offered to hand over the money to build a monument athlete Manas (which is proposed to put in place the Statue of Liberty in the center of…

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Talas oblast

  Talas is located in the north-west. Kyrgyzskoy of the Republic. Takes Talas valley. It is bordered on the north-west of Ka stan, Uzbekistan to the west, south of Jalalabad…

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Land use. Soil erosion in the hills, pasture degradation

Land use. Soil erosion in the hills, pasture degradation On the territory of the republic, according to the Soil Map of the Kirghiz SSR» (AM Mamytov, etc.) identified the following…

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In Bishkek, dismantle the Statue of Liberty

In Bishkek, will soon be dismantled Statue of Liberty (Erkindik), according to K-News. In its place the authorities plan to erect a monument athlete Manas – the hero of the…

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State authorities

President Kyrgyzskoy Republic is the head of the state, the highest official of Kyrgyzskoy, the guarantor of the Constitution, the symbol of the unity of the people and state. authorities…

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Google deal to buy Motorola approved by China!

In August last year, Google announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The deal worth $ 12.5 billion has not yet been completed, although it has been approved by U.S. regulators…

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Affordable housing in Kharkov

New Properties To date, 60,000 families in the Kharkov region and stand in line for an apartment, in general, they need 4 million square meters of housing. However, developers are…

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