Affordable housing in Kharkov

New Properties
To date, 60,000 families in the Kharkov region and stand in line for an apartment, in general, they need 4 million square meters of housing. However, developers are not yet in a hurry to start scratch.

Launched the program of affordable housing in Kharkov will house on Victory Avenue, which will build the LLC “Trust Zhilstroy-1.” To the cost per square meter decreased, the Cabinet passed a resolution, according to which the companies are building apartments on social projects, is removed VAT, which immediately gives the order of 9% reduction in the cost of housing. Learn more about Rent apartments in Kharkov.
One bedroom apartment in a new building will cost 17 to 20 thousand dollars, convinces Chairman LLC “Trust Zhilstroy-1″ Alexander Kharchenko. And he adds, people standing in the queue for housing, can receive a discount from the state.
“The current program provides affordable housing, 30% paid by the state and 70% of the cost of this cheap, I stress, housing, pay someone who is on the line” – he said.
Construction of affordable housing in Kharkiv will be completed by the end of this year, promises Kharchenko. The total area of ​​new apartments will be nearly 60,000 square meters.