Google deal to buy Motorola approved by China!

In August last year, Google announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The deal worth $ 12.5 billion has not yet been completed, although it has been approved by U.S. regulators and the EU.

Only China has until now could not determine the relation to the purchase of Google, which, however, not surprising given the conflict of authority with the search giant, which, according to the government of the country two years ago, the cancellation filter the search violated the agreement, gave him access to the Chinese market .

Note that according to Chinese law, any business that generates more than $ 1.5 billion in revenue (10 billion yuan) per year, of which more than $ 62 million (RMB 400 million) earned in China, may be sold only after approval by the government.

AFP news agency announced the approval of China’s regulators this multi-billion dollar deal. The report confirmed the agency and then a Google spokesman Niki Fenwick (Niki Fenwick). Now, as suggested by AFP, Google could come to grips with the production of mobile devices. learn more about how to become a radiologist!

It should be noted that this view is not shared by all experts. Many believe that after the approval of the deal to buy Motorola Mobility Corporation will try to sell the production of mobile technology to someone well-known vendors, such as at Huawei. There is also speculation that Google plans to continue to implement the division of Motorola’s manufacturing set-top box.