Amir Timur (1336-1405)

For a long time Central Asia has been the birthplace of the great conquerors of the world. The one who commanded both fear and respect in Asia and Europe in 14th century was Amir Timur, known in Europe as Tamerlaine. Tamerlaine is wrongly pronounced the original Persian name Timur-i-Leng, meaning "Timur the Lame." The word Timur means "iron" in Turkic dialects and it was an appropriate name for the man who grow from a prince of a small Turk-Mongol tribe to the ruler of an expanding empire that stretched from Delhi to Anatolia. 

Waging non-stopping bloody wars during 35 years Timur created the huge empire starching from Volga river to Gang, and from Tien-Shan mountain kingdom to Bosporus. The cruel Tamerlaine conquered the richest countries of the East including India and Iran. His army flattered with ground level the biggest cities of Central Asia and killed thousands of people. After 3 his campaigns yield the powerful Golden Orda, its capital Sarai-Berke, was flattered and burned out. In 1398 Tamerlaine undertook devastating campaign to Northern India, in 1399 he invaded Caucasus and devastated Georgia, in 1401 -Syria. In 1402 Timur has begun the war in Asia Minor with Turkish sultan. In the battle near Ankara, in which participated around 100 thousand of warriors from both sides, Tamerlaine defeated Turkish army and took Turkish sultan Bayazet prisoner.

Tamerlaine dreamed about world domination, and as satisfy historical information he often repeated: "There is only one God in the sky, and there should be only one king on the earth, the whole world do not deserve to have more then one king". All of his campaigns had predatory character, and were accompanied not only with robbery and destruction but also with mass brutality set the people fear and horror.

At the same time Tamerlaine hold diplomatic relationship with Turkey, Spain, France, England, Venice.

In his last years Tamerlaine was preparing the great campaign to China, but in its beginning he died at the age of 69, near the city Otrar. His body was transferred to Samarkand and buried in mausoleum Guri-Emir Timur was born in 1336, in Kesh, also known as Shahr-i-Sabz, "The Green City" located 25 km south of Samarkand.