Kyrgyz Tourism NewsletterDear Friends and Partners,
We are glad to greet you once again in our Bulletin’s pages.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Eleonora Akchabaeva.

I started my job, as Marketing Expert for the Kyrgyz Tourism Association in July 2007 and this organization has warmly accepted me into its friendly team. The summer season is a time for active holidays and the peak tourism season for our republic. Kyrgyzstan, which includes 10 mountain tourism and alpine zones, has significant tourism resources and huge potential for the successful development of various types of extreme tourism.

New feelings and an adrenalin rush is attracting new people to our country, as they want to conquer high mountains, impetuous rivers and become utterly engrossed in the highly colourful world of Kyrgyzstan’s nature.

Undoubtedly, creating favourable conditions to develop this sector will enhance our region’s attractiveness. The renaissance of ancient skills, such as handicraft techniques and the wide distribution of souvenirs will become a popular way of promoting Kyrgyzstan abroad.

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