Political parties

Political parties

Progressive Democratic Party Erkin Kyrgyzstan (Erk). Registered on 10/04/1991, status – Republican, regional offices are available in all areas and in Bishkek. The highest governing bodies are on board and lytic Political Bureau of the owl that. The registered number of the members of the party seems to 12 thousand people. (02/12/1999). The main strategic objectives of the party are: the building of conditions for free development of human ESA, protection and realization of the rights and legitimate Institute ests Kyrgyzskoy citizen of the Republic; cos danie truly democratic rule of States concerned and to make a transition to it without violence, by parliamentary means, through participation in elected bodies State. power, the formation of socially oriented market society with economic freedom and the equality of all forms of ownership; sposobstvova tion creating a strong executive, nodatelnoy law and the judiciary, promoting Nations High dy, moral, cultural and reli gious revival of KR citizens regardless of race , national rationality, gender and age, the preservation of peace and ethnic harmony, combating separatism, IOM, the negative manifestations of tribalism and regionalism, the protection of the gene pool of people, poor people (orphans, sing tannikov orphanages, disabled children, etc.) and environmental Kyrgyzstan. The composition of the party consists of representatives of scientific and technical intelligentsia Institute, students, peasants, farmers merstva, retirees and others in the parliamentary elections of 2000 to single-member districts in the Legislature for the Jogorku Kenesh deputies were elected to two and a deputy – the Assembly of People's Representatives. Chairman – Tursunbai Bakir uulu.

Asaba – the party of national revival. Registration Date – 12/30/1991, the status of the party – the Republican, the local branch of the party function in almost all areas of the faces of the republics. The supreme executive body – the Ordo Kenesh. The registered number of the members seems to 3900 people. (01/01/1999). The composition of the party are young people, farmers, rural intelligentsia Goncz and other categories of the population. The main objectives: the protection of political, social and other rights and interests of the Kirghiz people, contribute to the revival kyrgyzskih Nat. cultural values, traditions and rituals, promoting restoration of the true history of leniyu, restoration and development of one hundred and Kirghiz people, its state, the struggle to preserve EcoFund Kyrgyzstani land, preservation and improvement of re nofonda kyrgyzskoy nation, facilitating the implementation in the public practice of the Law On official language ; the fight against the negative representations manifested tribalism, regionalism, communities, to-rye damage the unity of the nation kyrgyzskoy. Chairman – Nusupov D.

Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan. 09/17/1992 regis mentioned interest, status – Republican, regional executive committees, town, district and grassroots organizations in almost all areas of the country. The governing body is the Central Contractor A selection committee. Number of members – more than 20 thousand people. As part of the party representatives are working sneeze, peasants, intellectuals and others in E Major objectives of the Party are: the development and deepening of economic integration in Coy, political fields, strengthening ties Nations High dy and friendship of the peoples of the former Soviet Union, rebuilding on a new basis of the socialist state of the Union ; vossoz danie democracy in the form of Soviets and other forms of government but on the basis of peoples 'genuine socialist democracy focus on the ideals of freedom, equality and brotherhood in the name of a truly democratic society, in a rum' free development of each is the condition for the free development of all in perspective tive to the ideal of communism, as the historical future of mankind. The main challenges in the economic sphere include: in addition to preserving the leading role neniem state. Property address gross violations and deficiencies in Provo Denia privatization of public property STI, the introduction of state. monopoly of foreign trade for raw materials is not an assumption sale of enterprises to foreign companies, transfer of land in a perpetual lease to those who cultivate it with right of survivorship, except the right of buying and selling, establishing state. monopoly in the banking industry, the introduction of state. price regulation, the establishment of an equivalent exchange between industry and agriculture, provide chenie state. support for agriculture, of Health, Education, Culture, and other party favors restoration of social guarantees, the resumption of construction of housing properties with free provision of housing nuzh giver. In the elections to parliament in 2000 was elected five deputies to the Assembly Legislator tion on party lists and a Depa tat single-mandate constituency, a member of the party was elected to the Assembly of People's representatives lei. Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the tion – Masaliev A. M.

The Socialist Party Ata-Meken. Registration Date – 12/16/1992, status – the sky republican, regional offices set up in many regions of the country gih. The registered number of party members is about 2000 people. (01/01/1999). The composition of the party consists of representatives of the scientific intelligentsia, the rural teachers, farmers, workers in small and medium-sized businesses, etc. The main objectives of its activities, the party believes the construction of the ICDO independent democratic state, the formation of a democratic form of the Management Board of the republic based on multiparty system of separation powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches, ensuring the free dom of private initiative and equality of all its forms, providing a unified state. social protection policies of all sectors of the population; tion ensure equal access of citizens to education and health services, ensuring the rights of citizens to live and work, ensuring the state's leading role in managing the economy. Chairman – Tekebaev O.Ch.

Republican People's Party. 16/12/1992 regis mentioned interest, has a hundred Republican myc, Party organizations operate in Chui, Osh, Talas, Issyk-Kelskoy regions and Bishkek. The supreme body – the Congress, the governing body of the party is the coordinate dinatsionny Center (Political Council). Number of members – 3522 people. (01/01/2001). The initiative of creation of the party belongs to a group of scientists works nicknames culture, doctors, politicians, in the present time members of the party are also pa bochie city businesses and residents Celso Coy area. The main objectives are: protection of the democratic and social interests Soviet citizens who struggle to stabilize the economic, social and political life in the country. In favor of closer economic cooperation with other countries. In the center of policy by the party are the problem of building a society that encourages individual initiative, and before susceptibility. Achieves the actual state. n rentier provide subsistence ma loimuschim, students, poor seven wells, and other struggles for full implementation of the independent Republic of dependence on the basis of no interference of any state in its internal affairs, full equality, respect for its sovereignty niteta, Nat. traditions, history and culture. Since 1995, the party leader and Chairman of the Board is the political forces Tenti DA, MP LCD in 1992 – 95 and DPR in 1995-2000.

The party Democratic Movement Kyr camp. Registration Date – 15/7/1993, has res publikansky status and its regional leniya separated by almost the whole territory of the republic. The highest governing bodies of the parties – the Council, the Congress. As part of the party to 01/01/1999, there were about 15,000 people. The social base: intellectuals tion, students, businessmen, pensioners ners and others the following objectives: building a democratic legal state kyrgyzskogo States and civil society in the country, the country out of the socio-economic crisis sis, the achievement of the tax breaks for domestic and foreign production in Kyrgyzstan ; provide social assistance to the needy, improve the lives of cities and villages; zanie eye care in the field of education, health care, to reduce unemployment. Chairman – V. Chernomorets

Agrarian Party of Kyrgyzskoy. For duly registered 26.11.1993, status – republican, has regional offices in almost all areas of the country. High schy directing body – the Congress (General Assembly). Number of members – 8107 people. (01/01/2001). The main Tse lyami are: consolidation and intensification of efforts ly people working in the field of agriculture, water, forestry, and pererabaty colliding and other related industries in the implementation of agrarian reform, achieving an effective prioritization of agriculture in the economy, the expression and the protection of the rights and legal interests of the people employed in agriculture, raising the social prestige of the agro-industry Alno labor. Chairman – Aliev, E.

Unity Party of Kyrgyzstan. Date of registration radios – 08/06/1994. Status – Republican, regional offices operate in almost all areas of the country. The highest is leading the Governing Body of the Congress, the Political Council is a coordinating and representative enforcement agencies of the Party in between DAMI sez. Number of registered members – 12,566 people. PEC is a political organization zation that unites the citizens of the state of a generic idea of ​​a democratic law-based society on the priority of personal particular, the civil agreement, determined pursuit of economic reform and the construction of the socially-oriented market of the economy. Based on the general population leniya – workers, engineers and technicians work nicks industrial enterprises, workers SH production, entrepreneurs, intellectuals Goncz, etc. In 2000 the Party Unity Kyr gyzstana, entered the electoral bloc Union of Democratic Forces. Party-list member of the Legislative Assembly has become one of the representatives of the party. In single-member constituencies in AP Jogorku Kenesh deputies were elected to five comrade, the SNP – an MP. Coordinator Poly matic Council is Muraliev A. M., Before the executive committee of the Political Council of Chairpersons – Alymku fishing KA

Democratic Party of Women of Kyrgyzstan. Registered on 14.10.1994, has national status, have regional offices in almost all areas of the country. Ing directing the authorities: the Supreme Council, the Congress. Number of members – about 10,000 people. (01/01/1999). The social base of the party: the intelligentsia, civil servants, pre neurs. The main aims and tasks of the Party: Enhancing women's participation in the political life of the Republic, broad Islands treatment of women in the management of the affairs of society and the state, increasing their representation in elected bodies at all levels in decision making, involvement of women in the ranks of party members and supporters, ensuring women's equal participation in political life, the elimination of all forms of discrimination riminatsii, creating a legal framework for 'protection you're right and interests of women in society; solution of environmental problems in order to protect the good health of women, mothers and children, as well as yk ening marriage and family relations; chenie provide opportunities and conditions for the spiritual and professional growth of women, etc. Chairman of the Party giver – Shaylieva T.

The political party of Afghanistan war veterans and members of other nistane local conflict elements (formerly known as The Democratic Party's economic unity). Registration Date – 10/14/1994, the party has its primary partor governmental organizations in the south. Joined Noe count of members of more than 600 people. (01/01/1999). In general, the party made up of Veterans wounds of war in Afghanistan. The main aims and objectives: promotion of legal ideas of a society based on the principles of the validity of the social, development and implementation of social protection of people, strengthening mezhna national relations, the achievement of Nat. is this agreement, the provision of practical support for courses aimed at developing a market economy, election campaign, participated in drafting the bills through the Depa Tats from the party in the parliament, the protection of program objectives of the Party in the state. and community organizations, education of the youth patriotic ism, equality of all forms of property, as well as the introduction of private ownership of land any, the struggle for an independent foreign policy of the Republic of Kyrgyzskoy for peace, the struggle for a fair taxation policy, protecting the most vulnerable people, women, elderly and children, combating the environmental crisis, with the approval of a real democracy, focused on the priority of the civil rights of the individual, far from the wireless Wii and tyranny, anarchy and lawlessness, the struggle for the eradication of corruption, bribery, MA phy, nationalism, tribalism and shoviniz ma. Chairman – Tashtanbekov AD

Agrarian-Labor Party of Kyrgyzstan. Registration Date – 10/14/1994, status – republican, the party has branches in almost all areas and in Bishkek. Senior management ducting body is the Congress. In between congresses, the Party exercises leadership of the Political Executive Committee. Number of registered members – 12,300 people. In favor of the provision of comprehensive modernization Organization of Agricultural Economics, development and introduction of rhenium its priorities in accordance with local conditions, extensive involvement in the agricultural sector of all types of investment, diversity of ownership, ensuring a reliable legal guarantees for citizens is given, the strengthening of economic and political ties with Kyrgyzstan CIS integration kyr gyzskoy economy in the world market, a strong parliamentary government and democratic socialism formalism. The composition of the party includes, primarily, pa Bothnia agricultural sector collective ho households, tenants, cooperators, work, etc. The President – Hyp uulu Dosbol.

The Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan. Registered on 10/19/1993, status – Likani republic, has regional offices in all regions of the country and in Bishkek. H is the sovereign body of the Congress, the coordinating representative body – the Coordinating Council, consisting of a board of representatives of the parliamentary board and the Political Council. Number of members – about 5 thousand people. The strategic goal of the party – building in the country truly democratic, legal and civil society with high living standards on the basis've synthesis and use of the best of the socialist system and the system of market economy. Based on the criteria are schihsya core values ​​of democratic society organizations, the party rejects any revolutionary tional ideology, the sole and inevitable product of a nym-cerned is the political extremism of the cue. In its activities the Party is based on the following principles: common sense, pragmatism, centrism, radical rejection of formalism in all its manifestations and all ideological dogmas of logic, democratic, nonviolent, evolutionary nature of political cal and social change, guaranteeing social justice, and society protected Nosta at all stages of economic and political reforms, strengthening of civil and ethnic harmony in the country, morality and transparency policies. In 2000 the party entered the election bloc Union de cratic forces. By party list deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Jogorku Kenesh were 2 members of the party. Coordinator – Atambayev AS

El (Bei-becharalar) partiyasy (the party of the people destitute.) Registered on 27.12.1995, the status of – the Republican. In almost all regions of the country and in Bishkek has over 460 existing local organizations. The governing body – Kurultai. Number of party members to 06.01.1999 amounted to more than 35 thousand people. A principal social composition of the parties: representatives of scientific and creative intelligentsia, farm ry, pensioners and other segments of the population of the republic. The main aims and tasks of the Party of mouth vu: the policy of building ICDO independent, secular, legal, unitary state properties in Kyrgyzskoy Republic, strengthening democratic institutions in the country, the creation and strengthening tion with the people of genuine democracy, democracy, building a society in a rum- human rights are a priority in E, the development and implementation of specific targeted social and economic programs of the national interests of the Chamber, to display the country from HN crisis, the achievement of equality of all forms of ownership, management control with a variety of social ills such as drunk stvo, drug addiction and others in order to protect the people of Kyrgyzstan gene fund with effective economic, ideological and other methods as well as folk customs, rites and traditions of Dov, an awakening of patriotic feeling and spiritual freedom of each member of the society, support and create conditions for the use in practice, available intellec intellectual potential of the country, raising civil civil liability, legal and economic Ceska culture among the population. Chairman – Eshimkanov ME

Party of Spiritual Revival Manas-e. Registration Date – 12/27/1995.