Junior suite

Modest area and inconvenient layout – completely solved the problem, if the design of the living space is taken professional. Not long ago, designer Elizabeth Bydreevskoy offered an interesting project: to create a “budget” while artistic apartment interior with improved ergonomics. “The repairs little time: my mom and dad live out of town, back to the end of summer – we want to make it a surprise”, – the customers. After three months, the affected hosts opened the door to his apartment updated – classic small-sized apartments, all the comfort that they only had to assess.

“People building”, 32 sq. m. m, literally – not break up at the door … Not an easy task! However, the designer is surprisingly quickly found “flat response” – took over the main diagonal direction and reschedule transportation hub connecting two living rooms, kitchen and bathroom: Move the apartment was convenient. Also changed the size and configuration of rooms: gone the “extra” right angles, any additional square centimeters, “pushed” interior walls … in the hall appeared closet with mirrored doors (making a game of reflections, they are expanding the space), and at the entrance to the living room, ” trapeze “- sliding doors, saving valuable space. By the way, the amount of increased residential and visual: the gray and beige colors in the decoration of the walls and floors, white ceiling and door fronts, light furniture and air curtains Austrian brought to light and weightless environment. Learn more at http://www.accommodation.kiev.ua/.

5.8KbKlassichesky interior style – another reality, which had to take into account the author of the project: the owners of the apartment, older people could not appreciate modern design solutions. But how to put a luxurious and large enough attributes of the “traditional style” in three dozen square meters? Elizabeth Bydreevskaya found a good compromise recognizable classic features take pride of place on the ceiling. Elegant fixtures, curtain, plaster moldings – socket brackets and cornices – attract attention and create the necessary atmosphere, but do not overload the interior. The concept of “light” classics perfectly complemented the elements of style “country”: this fabric with floral decoration, and a vintage chest of drawers in the living room, wallpaper and soft pastel hues – with butterflies and stripes. The result was low-key and very comfortable interior with its legend – of Roman Holiday and sunny Provence …