Internet and email access

The Internet is a wonderful resource for travellers who want to find out more about distant lands, which they are going to visit – like Kyrgyzstan.  There are many sites, which offer information of social, historical, cultural and other aspects of the region.  Unfortunately many websites change from time to time and so it is probably better to go to yahoo, excite, google or one of the other search engines and simply “surf the web” from one of these. 

Once in Kyrgyzstan – you will find internet access in Bishkek fairly easy to locate as there are a number of internet cafes.  Outside Bishkek, access may be more difficult to find, although a number of internet cafes are opening in some of the regional centres such as Osh, Djalalabat, Tokmak and Karakol.

Many of the internet cafes now offer internet telephone services, so you should be able to phone home quite cheaply.

They tend, however, not to have writable CD ROM drives – so although you may be able to download pictures and video from a digital camera – you will have problems storing them.