No of entries

A visa can be for a single entry, double entry (two entries – for example allowing a visit to a neighboring country such as Kazakhstan or China as part of the visit), or multiple entry.

When the visa takes the form of rubber stamp imprint placed on a page – a single entry visa carries a single circular stamp, whereas double and multiple entry visas are validated by two circular stamps. A new system has been introduced using stickers which are placed on an empty page. These are stamped only once.

Dates: The visa carries three dates:

  • the date of issue,
  • the date from which the visa is valid for entry to the country (which has to be within six months of the date of issue), and
  • the date until which the visa is valid.

It is not necessary to enter and leave the country on the exact dates that are specied, ("from" and "until") … they specify the date between which the visa is valid.

Inviting organization: Where an invitation is required – the name of the inviting party is indicated here. For example, the name of our company – it may be written in Russian. (It is here, because the inviting organization accepts certain responsibilities and obligations in respect to the visitor).

There will also be a signature of the consular officer issuing the visa, and a stamp – or else the visa is not valid.