Transit visas

A Transit visa is valid for a single entry, usually for three days only – although maybe up to five days – and is issued on the basis of an invitation from the organization of a third country, an existing visa to a third country or an air/rail ticket in a third country. It used to be the case that if the country of destination was a member of the CIS and the valid visa has been already issued, then it was not necessary to apply for a Kyrgyz transit visa.  However, since the beginning of the year 2000 several countries in the CIS announced that they now require all foreigners traveling through their territory to have a visa and Kyrgyzstan has since followed their lead.  The “seventy two hour rule”, as this was known, NO LONGER applies.

(It is also possible to obtain group visas.  Although here are some advantages to obtaining group visas, it means that the whole group has to arrive and depart at the same time.)