The “Ordinary” Visa Regime

The "Ordinary" Visa Regime, (although it is not referred to as such in the legislation): Citizens of all other countries are required to have an invitation – and this involves applying for visa support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bishkek, (basically having the invitation registered and approved).

In addition: Citizens of certain countries need an invitation registered with the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bishkek. Even though, generally, the Kyrgyz Republic enjoys good diplomatic relations with these countries, special procedures are applied and the process takes two weeks instead of the usual one week. These countries include:

  • Afghanistan,
  • Bangladesh,
  • India,
  • Iran,
  • Pakistan,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • the United Arab Emirates.

The visa contains the following information which defines the terms of its validity.

Number: Each visa is numbered – and there should be a code indication the authority which issued the visa.

Passport Number: The number of the passport to which it is issued is indicated … the visa is not transferable.

Number of accompanying persons: for example, the number of children traveling on their parents’ passport.

Type: There is an indication of whether the visa is valid for Entry, Exit or Re-entry. In fact this is a minor technicality and should not affect the ordinary visitor.

Category: There are several categories of visa: Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary, “Working Permit”, Investment, Tourist and Transit.