Citizens of countries for which a “simplified visa” regime operates

  1. Australia,
  2. Austria,
  3. Belgium,
  4. Canada,
  5. Cyprus,
  6. Denmark,
  7. Finland,
  8. France,
  9. Germany,
  10. Great Britain,
  11. Greece,
  12. Iceland,
  13. Ireland,
  14. Israel,
  15. Italy,
  16. Korea,
  17. Liechtenstein,
  18. Luxembourg,
  19. Malta,
  20. Monaco,
  21. Netherlands,
  22. Norway,
  23. New Zealand,
  24. Portugal,
  25. Spain,
  26. Sweden,
  27. Switzerland,
  28. USA.

Citizens of 28 countries (pls. see the list of countries for which a simplified visa regime operates) do not have to register if their stay in the Kyrgyz Republic is for less than 60 days (or 90 days in the case of Russian and Kazakh citizens). If their stay is for more than this limit, then they have to register in the normal way.

Citizens of all other countries are still required to register within five days of their arrival in the country.

Visitors are supposed to register in the town where they enter the country. (For example, if they fly into Manas airport in Bishkek, then they should register in Bishkek.) If, however, they cannot do so for some reason then they can register in another town, but they should do so within the three working days. (For example, if they cross the Torugart pass coming from China on a Friday, stay overnight at Tash Rabat arriving in Naryn only late on Saturday, then they cannot register in OVIR – it will be closed. If they then travel onto Karakol by Issyk Kul, on Sunday, they can register in Karakol on Monday).

However, you can do the registration yourself – it is not very expensive, just time consuming and it can be confusing, especially if you don’t speak the language or complications arise. If you are lucky the process can take just about half an hour – but it could take all day, and even then you may encounter complications, which mean that you haven’t succeeded.

If you are late registering with OVIR, then you will have to pay a fine The person or organization inviting you can also be fined.

If you don’t register then you could have trouble if a policeman stops you and asks for your papers – it is one of the things he will check. Also, you may have trouble leaving the country. For example, the border authorities may fine you and you will not be allowed into Kazakhstan without a valid registration. If by any chance you do get in, you will be fined later (for example, at the airport).