Osh oblast

Osh oblast

Osh region was formed from the former County 11/21/1939 01/27/1959 merged with and Jalal-Abad, Osh region in a single area. In connection with the formation of 10/05/1980 Talas its members transferred from the Osh region, Kara-Kul, Toktogul, and the newly formed districts of Chatkal. From Talas 05/15/1984 in the Osh region was returned to Chatkal borough. In connection with the abolished neniem Talas and Naryn oblasts (05/10/1988), in the Osh region transferred from the respective areas of Kara-Kul, and the current togulsky Toguz Torosky-r-us. With the formation of new areas of 14/12/1990 Niemi, separated from Osh, Jalal-Abad region. In the west. ty hour Osh 13/10/1999 founded a new, Batken region in a Rui-included in the boundaries of existence corresponding Batken, Kadamzhai, Leylek r-us and the city of Kyzyl-Kiya and Sue lyuktyu.

The current territory of the Osh region Zani ripped south. part of the country and is bordered to the west of Batken, in the north of Jalalabad, the probability cross-east regions of Naryn, ke for East China, Tajikistan to the south and the north-west Uzbekistan.

The administrative-territorial division of the domain. The region consists of 7 districts of the (sky-Alai, Aravan, Kara-Kulzhinsky, Kara-Suu, Nookat, Uzgen and Chon-Alay-sky), 3 cities, including 1 (Osh) Region 2 (Kara- Suu Uzgen) p nnogo subordination, 2 (Nyman, Sary-Tash), urban-type settlements, 79 Ail okmetyu, 469 rural human settlements comrade. The area is 29.2 thousand km. Center – Osh

Population. The population of the census on 24 March 1999 amounted to 1176.0 thousand people., Including urban 272.5 thousand (23.2% of the total population), rural skoe 903.5 (76.8%) . The territory is densely on selenium, ie, 1 km2 population 40.3 persons. (Republic of 24.1 people.). Urban settlements of the area: the city of Osh (232.4 thousand people., Including in rural areas such as Ka-Palak, Ozgur, Teleyken and other, subject GOVERNMENTAL Osh, home to 23.9 thousand pers.), Uzgen (41.5 thousand), Kara-Suu (19.1 thousand), smt. Nyman (1.8 thousand), Sary-Tash (1.5 million). Large population lennye items: Aravane (23.0 thousand)., Jany-Nookat (17.9 thousand), Kurshab (15.2 thousand), Gyulche (14.4 thousand), Mirza-Ake (13 , 9tys.) Tashtak (10.8 thousand), Kyzyl-Kyshtak (8.4 thousand), Shark (8.2 thousand), Dyj-kan-Kyshtak (7.4 thousand), Ylay-Talaa ( 7.0 thousand), Eski-Nookat (5.9 thousand), Otuz-Adyr (5.4 thousand), Jany-irrigation ditch (5.2 thousand) and Daroot Korgon (4.2 thousand) .

Multiethnic population of the region. Of the ground of ethnic representation HN Kirghiz (63.8% of the total population census conducted in March 1999), Uzbeks (31.1%), Russian (1.3%), Uyghurs (0.9%), Turks (0.9%), Tatars (0.6%), Tajiks (0.5%), Azeris (0.3%), and other peoples (0.6%). Of the total population leniya of 43.4% are young people under the age of 16, 49.6% – the people working possibility to grow 7.0% are pensioners.

Despite the departure from the field (in the first than half of the 90s), Russian-speaking population, and other nat. minorities, the total population between the censuses leniya (1989-1999) chilas increased by 24.9% (13.3% of the country), to-heaven reflects a higher birth rate (25.2%