Chui is sitting. tion of the Republic of Kyr. From sowing. and the west. area of ​​sides bordered by Kazakhstan, on the south-west – That lasskoy, in the south – Jalal-Abad and Naryns Coy, in the east – Issyk-Kelskoy of mi. The region consists of 8 adm. p-electrons (Alamedin sky, Jayil, Kemin, Moscow, Panfilov, Sokuluk, Chui, Issyk-Ata). The regional submission are Tokmok, the p-tries 3 cities (Kant Kara-Ball one Shopokov), 6 townships (Ak-Tuz, Kayyndy, Clover, Kemin, Orlovka), 105 Ail okmetyu, 327 villages . The region is the capital of Bishkek. The population of -770.8 thousand. (According to the census conducted in 1999, except for residents of Bishkek), occupied area is 20.2 km2. Regional center – city of Bishkek. Until 1939 the current territory of the region created a variety of administrative-territorial entities but (district, canton, municipality, etc.). 1939-1959 – Frunzenskaya the domain; 1959-90 – r-us by the republican Chinenov; to December 14, 1990 established Chui.

Nature. The territory includes Chuys Kuyu valley and intermountain basins Chon-Kemin and Suusamyr along the slopes of the ridges bordering: Ile, Kyr, Küng, Talas Ala-Too, and Suusamyr Zhumgal. Absolute height ranges from 550 m (north edge of the village of Ka myshanovka Chu Valley) to 4895 m (Alam Dinskoy peak Kyrgyzskogo Ala-Too). A significant portion of the region is Chu valley, which has a bias towards the north-reserves, yes, but in the west and in the middle part, with the approximation to p. Chu transformed into a broad plain. Located above the hills and adyry (near Bishkek) and the foothills have a post foam rise. The first tier of mountains raschle Nene river valleys – Ala-Archa, and Alamyudyun Norus on separate elevations – Besh-Kungey (1150 m), Basbeltek (1400 / s), Shoro-Bashat (1750 m) and the other is located south of the second tier of and higher, which is separated from the first longitudinal drop – Baytik depression. Slopes of the mountains nye Kyrgyzskogo Ala-Too in their structure are asymmetric: the southern. spurs short and tall, and sat down. – Broad, neck-rye spurs reach up to 20 miles, a lot of river valleys and usche ly, large: Ashmarov, Kara-Balta, Ak-Suu, kuluk Co, Ala-Archa, Alamyudyun, Issyk-Ata, Ker e ty, Shamshy, Konorchok , Baydamtal, North. and East. Karakol, and other marks above 3500 m Time begins rocks, snow and glaciers. In the east, Chui Valley goes to the Kichi-Kemin valley. Between the mountains and Kungey Ile Ala-Too, in the east, lies the valley of the Chon-Kemin. The above mountain ranges in the east. parts closer to each other, forming a mountain site – Kemin Chelek. East of the Chon-Kemin valley situated summer pasture (jailoo) Kek Oyrok. Learn more about real estate albania!

South. part of the region is one of the largest jailoo – Susamyr. It is located at an altitude of 2000-3200 his wife M. Toward the west foot of the valley gradually increasing etsya. Zap. part of the valley called Duban-Re-chuu, central – Suusamyr, east. – Zap. Ka rakol.

The mineral resources are gold (Taldy-Bulak Dalpran, Kamator), iron, ty tang, chrome, nickel, lead, zinc, of rare matrix elements (Ak-Tuz). Many oil field and deny non-metallic origin: sand, clay, marl, salt, talc, granite, syenite, from the news, marble, granite, quartzite. In places, races placed closer to the tectonic fractures are mineral and hot springs (in the gorges of the Issyk-Ata, Alamyudyun, Ak-Suu).

The climate is varied. At sowing’re in the plains, the climate is continental HYDRATED, dry, hot summers and mild winters, cool. The average July temperature is 17-25