78 km South-East of Bishkek located Issyk-Ata valley and spa complex based on local sulphur hot springs known since 2-3 centuried A.D. The hot springs also give the hot water to 3 public outdoor swimming pools built on the hill over the valley.

Upstream Issyk-Ata river (30 minutes hike) there are 10 m waterfall and ancient place of worship and piligrimage – Buddha inscription carved on the face of the boulder by ancient people in 10th century. Further up the valley there are 3 alpine lakes which lie in a full day distance from the end of the road. Also from here start trekking routes to Alamedin valley and some other neighboring ravines.

The upper grounds of the valley are used by local shepherds as pastures where they breed their numerous herds of horses, sheep and cows. A hundred meters before the arch – the entrance to spa complex, on the hill over the valley, built 3 concrete outdoor swimming pools – filled with naturally heated sulphur water which comes by tubes from one of 130 known in the area hot springs. The water is over 30 degrees so it is possible to swim even on coldest days.

It is well advised to stay in water no more than 10-15 minutes, as longer staying may affect negative influence on one’s heart.