Writing an essay exam in English

Learning English at the school in recent years has undergone some important changes. Now is not well translated text should be able to hear and understand, write, and still translate.

Unified state exam in English consists of four parts.
• Vocabulary
• Reading
• Listening
• Letter

Rules of conduct and evaluation.
Writing assignment is part of the test with and tend to cause the greatest difficulties. The written part is usually in the form of a response to a letter in the form of an essay-argument. Reply to the letter (C1) – not very difficult, while the writing essays need to prepare separately. But the number of points you can get for both the job is much different: a perfectly crafted letter – 6, and the essay will bring 14 points.
To the task given 40 minutes. During this time, you should read and understand the job, plan an essay, write the work itself, check it out. This short essay should be at least 200 words and no more than 250. In the case of words in the essay will be less than two hundred of the provisions, it just will not be appreciated and will pay for it 0 points. If a large amount, the last part will not be reviewed and taken into account in the assessment. Learn more about write my research paper.

It goes without saying that the work read and evaluated by half loses its compositional harmony, and with it the points.
So, it is wiser to stick to the desired size. Should pay attention to how words are counted in the text. Considered absolutely all the words from the first to the last. Particles, prepositions, auxiliary verbs, and even articles. It is best to not count every written word, and to present first thought, and then estimate the number of words. To make it faster is better to find out how many words you put on the line in handwriting. If the length does not correspond to the desired, you can increase or decrease the contrast of the words without removing and finishing a meaningful sentence. The statement can be used as short forms isn ‘t, I’m, don’t, can’t, and their expanded forms. In the first case, they count for one word, and expanded form count for two.

There are other ways. If it’s about the numbers, you can not write them in figures and in words. To do this, of course, you have to be confident in their spelling. This will increase the number of words. If you write the date (four digit number) words, it will increase the number by as much as four pieces.
Plan essay.

An essay on the exam – this work – the argument. The job can be of two types: an opinion (personal opinion), and the pros and cons (for and against). Likely topics in the format above personal opinion, because the second option has been ruled out for a number of years.

Essay writing is generally low volume and enough free composition.
It is constructed as a typical
• Introduction. Here we have to define the problem, on which it will work, and if necessary to bring the arguments for and against, both points of view. The problem itself, of course, given the topic, but it is better to formulate it differently.
• The main part. Need to structure it. In fact, the main part should consist of the views and arguments of the examinee. Therefore, it would be logical to build it this way: approval, justification, adoption – the argument proving it. If the topic is given in the form of for and against, it is necessary not only to present their point of view, but also the enemy. The main part of it is better to divide into simple paragraphs. Such logical units must be at least two.
• Conclusion. It must be concluded, and perhaps leave the question open, but then nicely complete the main idea.
In the process of writing a better use of the formal writing style. Brackets, the exclamation points is better not to eat, because it is more typical conversational style. It is better to construct complex sentences. If this seems difficult, it is worth considering that when combined two simple straightforward Union turns complicated.

Common spelling mistakes.

When writing an essay is better to pay attention to such seemingly obvious points, like handwriting. Oddly enough, found a number of standard errors that are easily preventable, is just in time to remember it.

• Correct spelling of the letter T. Sometimes it is the letter the students replace Russian capital. And such letters do not in English.
• A funny mistake, but occurs swapped letters d and b.
• When writing an essay written letters, l and b can be written identically.
• When writing words better not to move. Is not accepted.
• It is best to use block letters for writing the examination of the text. Then collide with the peculiarities of handwriting, would be avoided.

Perhaps the examinee has other peculiar to him personally, “favorite mistakes”. You should not forget about them. Unfinished letter will cause you to lose precious points.
Typical grammatical errors.