There are several different types of birds of prey (eagles, vultures, hawks, Bustards and so forth) found in the Kyrgyz Republic – the largest is the Golden Eagle – Berkut.

The wings of a young Golden Eagle tend to be light coloured with a dark line along the edge – an older eagle will have a white tail – and the rest of the plumage is a blackish-brown. It takes it’s name from the golden feathers at the back of the head.

The Grave Eagle has a longer tail and wider wings, with a darker colour than the Golden Eagle, and light spots on its shoulders.
The Steppe Eagle are usually brown, but young ones are a lighter colour – and exhibit a range of different shades.

Although expert hunters, eagles are not opposed to eating carrion.

Their eerie are usually to be found on the top of cliffs, although sometimes they can be found in the summit of large fir trees – especially in the case of Grave Eagles.    

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