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  Kyrgyzstan » Travel info » Visa & registration » Obtaining a visa on arrival

Obtaining a visa on arrival

For those travelers from countries where there is no Kyrgyz embassy, it is possible to obtain a visa on arrival at Manas airport in Bishkek.

In 2003, a system was introduced whereby citizens of a number of countries (see the visas section), could receive visas on arrival at Manas airport without an invitation. However, if you are planning to avail yourself of this facility, you should check with the airline that they are aware of this and will let you travel, when you buy your ticket.  You do not want to arrive at the airport and not be allowed to board the flight because they are not aware of the current situation.

In 2002 – the government announced plans for a system whereby it would be possible to obtain visas on arrival at all entry points.  These plans have yet to be implemented.

Almaty-Issyk Kul: There area number of trekking routes between Almaty and Lake Issyk Kul. These were very popular in the Soviet period and although less frequently used after independence, still offered trekkers some spectacular scenery etc., and there are several maps available showing these routes. In the past, (for example, when the 72 hour rule did apply), many trekkers crossed the mountains on these routes then obtained a visa at Karakol.  However, the law states that only designated border posts are valid points of entry to the Republic, which means that these routes are no longer available. 

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