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To visit Kyrgyzstan you must have a valid passport, and (depending on your nationality) visa and registration. 

Until 2003 a system of permits was in use for some of the alpine “tour zones” (such as Altyn Arashan, near Karakol) but these were abolished in 2004. There is some discussion about whether, or not, to re-impose them for certain areas – in an attempt to ensure quality of service and safety … however, at the time of writing (September 2004) there are no such permits for these zones.

Permits are required, however, for certain “border zones”. These zones include the areas around Khan Tengri, and the Enilchek glacier, The Ak-Sai valley and Lake Chatyr Kul near Torugart.

(For Torugart, tourists are allowed to transit the border zone if they have a valid Chinese visa, are going to China and are accompanied by the representative – a guide and/or driver – without needing a permit. For trekking in the zone, however, a permit is necessary!)

Border permits can take some time to arrange – so it is best to try and obtain them in advance. Your tour company should be able to arrange this for you.

There are also a few closed zones to which Foreigners are not allowed – most notable around the Russian naval base at the Eastern end of Lake Issyk Kul.

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