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Waterfalls  Waterfalls

As you might expect, the rivers and mountain streams of Kyrgyzstan are rich in waterfalls. There are too many to mention them all, but here is a list of some of the major ones:



Height (m)


Abishir-Sai Canyon


A picturesque canyon – with steep rocky sides, with the river Abshirisai flowing through it. The river emerges gushing from a cave in the rock face and falls through 30 m to the valley floor. The waters of the waterfall are thought to have curative properties and be holy. Pilgrims come from far and wide to bath in the spray and collect the water in bottles

Alamedin valley



Located a little from the main road, requiring a trek of about an hour and half to reach it.

Arslan Bob

Djalal Abad



Within easy walking distance of the village center is a small waterfall (about 23 meters tall) and in the cliff opposite is a small cave, or grotto – known as the “Cave of Forty Angels” – where a holy woman used to live – people would come to her and make petitions.

A little further away – about a two walk from the village – is the “large” waterfall. It is split into two sections, one cascading down some 60 meters and the other, 80 meters.


Issyk Kul


There are several impressive waterfalls not far from the main Kumtor Technical Service Road which ascends through the valley


Djalal Abad


Above the main Bishkek-Osh road lie some lakes and this waterfall.

Chon Kurchak Gorge



Called “Pigeon’s Waterfall” (Golubini Vodapad in Russian). The water cascades down over sharp rocks. There is a path from the road leading to the waterfall, and sometimes people are lucky and see a flock of wild doves (pigeons) which give their name to the waterfall.

Kegety Gorge



Sarala Saz


A nearby waterfall is known to locals by the romantic name ”Look for me” because it is well hidden amongst the rocks. It is possible to stand within a few meters of it, hear the rushing water, but not be able to see it.

Sokuluk Gorge



Called “Pigeon’s Waterfall” (Golubini Vodapad in Russian). It lies just 80 kilometers to the southwest of the capital, Bishkek. From the road, there is a short trek – of about an hour – to reach the waterfall itself. It is possible to makes a visit to the waterfall as a day excursion, or to stay in the valley, at Tosh Bulak, and explore for a little longer.

Son Kul


Surrounded by trees, a short trek from the road between the lake and the road from Naryn over the Dolon Pass.

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