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Travel info

Tourist visas

Tourist visas are usually valid for one month only and can be extended for a second month, for example at the Central OVIR office in Bishkek, although – in effect consular officials issue a new visa to run consecutive to the first. At the Central OVIR office in Bishkek, you have to write a letter of…

Transit visas

A Transit visa is valid for a single entry, usually for three days only – although maybe up to five days – and is issued on the basis of an invitation from the organization of a third country, an existing visa to a third country or an air/rail ticket in a third country. It used…

No of entries

A visa can be for a single entry, double entry (two entries – for example allowing a visit to a neighboring country such as Kazakhstan or China as part of the visit), or multiple entry. When the visa takes the form of rubber stamp imprint placed on a page – a single entry visa carries…

Postal services

The postal service can be fairly haphazard … you will almost certainly arrive home well before your postcards do – unless you are literally following in the footsteps of Marco Polo. Rates – for the standard postal service, airmail for letters and postcards, are not very expensive, by Western standards. Parcels tend to be more…


Country Code + 996 City codes: Bishkek   312 Cholpon Ata  3943Djalal Abad  3722Karakol   3922 Naryn    3522Osh   3222Talas   3422Other…  Many places can be dialed direct – but you will have to obtain the code – for some places, however, it is necessary to call the operator and book the call. Mobile: BITEL  502KATEL  517MEGACOM  555FONEX  543 Dialing Codes – for international calls – the country…

Internet and email access

The Internet is a wonderful resource for travellers who want to find out more about distant lands, which they are going to visit – like Kyrgyzstan.  There are many sites, which offer information of social, historical, cultural and other aspects of the region.  Unfortunately many websites change from time to time and so it is…

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