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CyclingCycle touring is a great way of seeing Kyrgyzstan . What makes it so good is:

  • there’s not much traffic;
  • wild camping is safe and easy;
  • the scenery is fantastic;
  • there is cheap B&B accommodation through the CBT network;.
  • cycling is a great way of meeting the locals, who are very friendly.
  • The standard of roads varies greatly. The main Bishkek to Osh road (650 km) has been upgraded recently and is up to Western European standards – very smooth. The other main roads are not in very good condition, but are OK for cycling. Secondary roads are almost all gravel tracks. Some of these can be quite strenuous.

    To make the most of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you need a mountain bike or a robust tourer that can cope with the gravel tracks. Racks take a hammering so fit the strongest you can find. Bring all the spares you need from home as there are no decent bike shops.

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